Thanks for purchasing Weave Got Keys!

Here you'll learn how to correctly assemble your sweet new WGK key holder.

First, remove the screw and nut. Be sure not to lose the 4 white spacers (you might need these).

Next, hold WGK on it's side and insert the screw (the longer one) into the hole on the underside.

Now, begin stacking your keys one-by-one by aligning the key hole onto the screw.

When you have 5 keys assembled (or a combination of keys and white spacers, ex: 4 keys + 1 spacer), guide the nut through the top hole and begin to tighten the nut and screw. 

Ensure that both nut and screw heads are seated onto the carbon fiber surface. If both aren't correctly seated, adjust the key positions by rotating or wiggling them so the screw and nut are centered in each key hole, and continue tightening. 

Your keys should now be snug and require some force to open. Keys shouldn't freely rotate open. If they do, you'll either need to tighten the screw more or add enough spacers to fill the gap. 

It's a good idea to check the tightness of your WGK screw system periodically (around once a week), and tighten as necessary. 

Enjoy Weave Got Keys!